Current projects in development

Here is what we are currently working on!

The Bar Exam

Reality Game Show where a camera crew and the host go to actual bars and ask patrons a series of trivia questions... (the more intoxicated the "contestant" is, the easier the questions are!)

The Lust Hormone

A high school dork, DERRICK HOLMES, wants a date for prom and buys oxytocin, a spray-on hormone that allegedly makes a person enticing to the ladies.

At the start, the hormone seems to work as the most attractive girls in Derrick’s high school want him bad; including one very sweet and cute Russian exchange student, IRINA.

Derrick has become a real jerk and has even burned bridges by the time he discovers the oxytocin never even worked, and was just being used by beautiful girls to get back at their boyfriends. However, Irina still loves him and goes to prom with him.

Even though Derrick is an outcast at the prom, he realizes that at least he matters to someone who really cares about him.

Dead Man's Hand

Dead Man’s Hand is a thriller that takes place in a single hand of poker that is played more or less, in real-time. A man over-bets and gives up his house in a poker hand. He has a sudden heart attack and dies. Some of the other players argue that they call the hand "dead" and yet others want to play it out.

Finding Grace

Joe Lang is a college student who searches for True Love. Problem is, he's not very good with the ladies. After talking to his friends, Joe ends up going to a night club to look for girls, to his own surprise Joe finds the perfect, most beautiful girl, a girl who seems to redefine the meaning of her name, Grace. Unfortunately, Joe gets robbed and looses Grace's phone number. He spends every waking moment and struggles so much to find his Grace.

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